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Sentencing Handbook 2016

The Sentencing Handbook 2016 contains an amalgamation of the cases from the previously published version, spanning 1990–2009, as well as cases from 2010–2016. Unlike its predecessor, the Sentencing Handbook 2016 contains three types of cases – Magisterial Appeals, High Court decisions, and Criminal Appeals.

This edition also contains other key changes that enhance the publication’s utility, and covers areas that were not previously included. It includes a revised selection of criminal offences to reflect their prevalence and impact on our society; new categories of information for each offence that play a crucial role in plea bargaining and provide for a more thorough and holistic first-look at the cases; and excerpts from judgments in landmark cases, as it is of great importance that the philosophy behind the decision is made clear and is understood. Moreover, the landmark cases included are indigenous, as the legal reasoning engaged by local judges is celebrated as adequate judicial guidance.


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