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REFLECTIONS OF AN INTERESTED OBSERVER: Ethnographic Musings on the Court User's Experience in T&T

Elron Elahie with the assistance of the JEITT team

Reflections of an Interested Observer: Ethnographic Musings on Court User's Experience in T&T presents a narrative account in which ALL quoted dialogue is taken directly, without any editing, from the mouths of court users across Trinidad and Tobago. It is based on 2 years of research done by the Judicial Education Institute of Trinidad and Tobago into the state of Procedural Fairness in the country. These words are rich in emotion, perception, and point of view which inform the level of public trust and confidence in the administration of justice across T&T.

This ethnographic research not only enables the Judiciary to be more in-touch with the individual who interacts with the court, but also provides us with a social and cultural lens through which key and critical issues are seen.

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