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Continuous judicial education is essential for the Judiciary to fulfil its mandate to the public and its stakeholders to deliver justice in an effective and efficient manner, while sustaining public trust and confidence. It is out of this necessity that the Judicial Education Institute of Trinidad and Tobago (JEITT) was created - a distinct but integral part of the Judiciary, committed to the establishment's core objective: the administration and achievement of justice. In each of its training programmes and lectures, the JEITT operates with the following Mission Statement in mind:

"To promote excellence in the administration of justice in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago through continuous training and development of Judges, other judicial officers and non-judicial staff attached to the Judiciary."

The training and development programmes delivered are the hallmark of the Institute as it strives to improve the functioning and competence of the Judiciary and its judicial officers, keeping all au courant with changes that may influence the Judiciary's operations. The JEITT facilitates the objective of the Judiciary becoming a high-performing, professional organisation by focusing on the vision of:

"Transformation through Education."